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July 25, 2022

Online accountants – United Kingdom

The rise in digital technology has shifted accounting trends from traditional desktop-based to modern cloud-based accountancy. The modern cloud-based accountancy has opened doors for online accounting. 

Any small to medium-sized businesses will need a good accountant to grow, remain compliant, and thrive. Spondoo Accountants provide online accountancy services throughout the United Kingdom at very affordable rates. We help start-ups, sole traders, partnerships, small businesses, freelancers, and Limited companies with all aspects of their accounts and tax. 

How exactly does online accounting work? 

Online accounting is not particularly different from regular accounting. Unlike normal accounting, online accounting uses accounting software and digital practices to perform accounting tasks. The information required by the online accountant is sent through the internet or accessed via the online accounting software.  

Online accounting limits face-to-face interactions. We keep in contact through phone calls, emails, or online connectivity (video calls, chats, and social media). 

People who need this service

Sole traders and Individuals

Spondoo accountants provide low-cost sole trader accountancy services. We can help you with everything from VAT registration to filing your self-assessment tax return. 

Go through our sole trader service package.

Limited companies

We offer effective bespoke accounting services to different types of limited companies. With the help of the accounting software of your choice, we will connect your bank, easily create and send invoices, add new customers to your software, and manage your expenses. Spondoo Accountants are certified advisers for Zoho Books, Xero, FreeAgent, QuickBooks, Capium, and Sage.    


Spondoo will prepare and file your HMRC self-assessment tax return. We will guide and advise you on meeting your HMRC self-assessment tax deadlines to avoid unnecessary penalties. 

Contractors and freelancers 

We have a team of expert contractor accountants who will advise on IR35. We will also guide you on how to utilise limited company and Spondoo Umbrella Services interchangeably.  

Our services

We perform all the below online accounting functions: 

Accounting software support 

We can help you set up – and provide you support and advice on different finance and business accounting software platforms – Xero, Zoho Books, Sage, Intuit Quickbooks and FreeAgent.

Company Formation 

We can guide you in settling on the best company type (that suits your needs) – and also register and incorporate your business in the United Kingdom. We can also provide you with the following services:

  • Choosing the permitted business name.
  • Creating a business bank account
  • Find a registered office address for you.
  • Company secretarial services

Bookkeeping and VAT support 

Do you need bookkeeping and VAT support? Our team is well equipped to do your bookkeeping periodically (depending on your needs) – daily, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly. We will the use the bookkeeping records to file your VAT return – before the deadline.

Tax returns and tax advice 

We can help you prepare and file your personal and business tax returns on time. Some of the returns we will handle include:

  • Statutory end-of-year accounts
  • Corporation and partnership tax return 
  • Capital gains tax 

We will also advise on the best way to remain tax efficient – and maximise your tax claims.

Self-assessment tax return 

We provide expert self-assessment services, such as – checking if you are eligible for a personal tax return, registration for self-assessment, helping you declare all your income, calculating your tax liability and filing with HMRC. Before filing with HMRC, we will send you a copy of the return for your approval.

Correspondence with HMRC or/and Companies House 

We are happy to act as the middle man between you and HMRC and Companies House. In that case, our team will handle communication with HMRC – and get the best solutions for you.

Management of accounts 

In an effort to see your business grow, our team will provide you with various management reports that measure your business performance – to help you make informed decisions. Some of these reports include – Profit and Loss reports, Balance sheets, and Asset liability reports.

Payroll and autoenrollment Services 

Our payroll services are inclusive of well-managed pension and auto-enrolment solutions. Our services are HMRC compliant, fast and efficient for different business types – and company sizes.

We can also provide these other specialist services 

Are online accountants any good? 

Yes, most online accountants are efficient and trustworthy like your go-to high street accountant. However, you must always check before you engage with any accountant. Apart from confirming if they are licensed, you can also check out their reviews from various sites like VouchedFor, Google, Trustpilot etc

Benefits of having one

By choosing an online accountant, you stand to gain in the following ways: 


Online accounting is highly convenient when it comes to saving your time. As a small business owner, you will need all the time you have to work on growing your business. Online accounting ensures you have ample time, as the accountants work remotely. 

Less costly

Because they work remotely, online accountants provide affordable services to their clients. They also offer flexible payment methods like allowing you to pay monthly rather than yearly. 


Times are making business owners work remotely. Online accounting suits perfectly on this schedule. As you work from home, you will still be in collaboration with your accountant. Even without a physical meeting, both of you can keep the financial health of your business solid. 


Accounting software used by online accountants gives you access to all the information you need at anytime, anywhere. 

Lots of choices

You can choose an online accountant from any firm across the country. You are not limited to your local accountants only. 

Why choose Spondoo for your online accountancy services 

Spondoo Accountants will guide you in choosing the right online accounting software to help run your business’s day-to-day operations. We will also offer: 

Personal dedicated accountants 

We have a team of dedicated accountants who will purposefully learn about the details of your business. Consequently, we will provide customised service for your business. 

Reliable expert advice

We will advise you on how to meet your financial objectives in the most tax-efficient HMRC-compliant way. 


Spondoo has a team of Chartered and Certified Accountants and bookkeepers. We follow all the rules and regulations stipulated by the Institute of Financial Accountants’ code of ethics. 

Filing, tax efficiency, and deadline reminders

Our team of tax experts will file your yearly accounts and submit necessary tax returns to ensure your business always stays compliant with HMRC. We will also conduct regular tax efficiency reviews throughout your financial year to ensure your business runs in the most tax-efficient way. 

Get all the support you need

Not meeting face-to-face does not limit interaction with us. You will have a dedicated accountant to work closely with, offering support and guidance in a suitable personalised manner. You can reach out to us via phone calls, emails, and even video chats. 

Online accounting costs 

At Spondoo, we have a fixed and transparent monthly fee plan to provide the exact services you need for your business. We also offer a fast-track one-off service for one-time clients. 

We will discuss the plans and packages that best suit your needs and adjust according to your business demands. You will know what you are paying for in advance to help you budget. 

Get a free instant no-obligation quote from us. 

Contact a low-cost online accountant near me

Spondoo Accountants is equipped with an expert team of online accountants on standby to help you get started. Call 02033 259 341 or sign up now! 

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